SHIFT – a performance installation

Music: Viljam Nybacka,
Photo: Maxime Bersweiler,
Costume Anna Ruohonen,
Dramaturge: Hans Tuerlings
Artistic advice: Renée Copraij
Production: DansBrabant, AIS

residencies: Studio 303 – Montréal
DansBrabant – Tilburg
La Ménagerie de Verre – Paris

SHIFT is an invitation to experience momentary weightlessness,and a proposition for an escape ensued from a shift of perspectives.

SHIFT  is a meditation and a guided tour attempting to clear the mind from the overload of imagery.

SHIFT is a place where the world may just slow, slow, slow down,

a moment that allows us to escape everything- responsibility, meaning, roles and form,

thus allow our thoughts and the bodies to exist and roam free.

It is an instant where sense is not related to anything external.

SHIFT blurs the mental imagery and visual perception,

and is about everything that is or could be in the space.

It is about every passing thought .

It is about how things can be real and unreal at the same time.

SHIFT  is a story that adds, subtracts and mixes of all that there is or could be

and is about the awareness that all meaning is equally important, impermanent and individual.

SHIFT  happens in the gap between a world and our ideas of it,

in the gap between thought and experience, between words and actions.