Inari Salmivaara

Inari Salmivaara (°1978, Rauman Mlk, Finland) mainly works with performance. By mixing different artistic languages and committing to specific conditions Inari tries to approach a wide scale of subjects. She likes to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes physical and believes in the idea of action creating meaning in a work.

Her work is based on articulations on actual situations and she uses registrations of making performances, performing or being a spectator as a starting point. Her performances combine dance and dry observations with subtle, odd, eccentric or slightly humorist elements. The performances reflect a sensation of certainty and evoke serene contemplation. By addressing the present situation and implicating the spectator, she makes the viewer to be part of the works.

Inari Salmivaara currently lives and works in Paris where she is in residence in Mains d’oeuvres.

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