5 in a work not cited

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5 IN A WORK NOT CITED” is a five-part project which attempts to describe and execute a utopia for a performance. Utopia in this project is considered as a complete (thought-) construction in which separate mechanisms function and exist independently whilst supporting the structure and its meaning ( a performance and its theme).

Each part of the series concentrates on a different aspect of a performance. The first part on overall structure, the second part on ambience, the third part on content and emotions and the fourth part on visuality and the suspension of disbelief. The fifth and last part of the project is as well as an independent work, a symbiosis of all the systems and mechanisms developed during the previous parts of the project, intending to create an encyclopedic view on this project.

The project is a manifesto for simplicity and capacity for what exists. The intention is to find and reveal the limits of thinking and to execute the development of a single thought.

Utopia –an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

(The Oxford Dictionary of English)

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